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Why Do You Need Article Submission?

Dear guys & viewers we would like to describe why do you need Article Submission? Yes guys Article Submission can be used to advertisement of your website into a top 10 listing on the first page of the natural rankings in the search engines like; Google, YouTube, Facebook, Baidu, Wikipedia, Yahoo, Google India, Reddit, Tencent QQ, Taobao & others. We use Article for dominate a niche market or drive lots of free traffic to your website. You know that Article is free, simple and easy for even a beginner. You don’t need to have huge knowledge about Article Submission for search engine optimization, php coding, html coding or anything else.

Dear Importance and keywords are not critical in Article Submission. What you write must be related to what you are submitting. When preparing to write an article for Submission you must choose keywords that are related to your products or services. Use those keywords in your Article so the search engines will determine your article is related to the topic.

qualityseosmm articles-submission

qualityseosmm articles-submission

And when you selecting keywords to use in your Article Submission you want to select keywords that are related, which keywords are searched for, and do not have a lot of competition with other products or services providers. You have to needed to several keyword tools available that you can use to help select the best keywords to use in your Article Submission. You want to realize a keyword density of 3% to 7% and have the keywords spread through your Article of your products & services.

You know that some basic guidelines to be use when searching for keywords to use in your Article Submission. You select a keyword that has at least 250 above searches per month and plus has few competing pages on search engine. If you can find keywords within 300,000 competing pages that’s right, keywords are fewer than 100,000 is a good, and under 50,000 competition and it is better. And your Article needs to be useful and not a group of noise. In your submission past you could do an Article Submission about anything topics, services & products, and link it back to your website and get standard. Now a day, viewers & peoples are using the Internet more and more to get information and viewers & peoples will not waste their time reading a junk Article Submission. Make sure your Article contains useful information & related topics.

Sometimes some Article Submission doesn’t work. Because, when you are submission an article then you have to create a back-link to your targeted website. Then increases you link popularity which is the search engines like. You know that Article only be published at several of the Article Submission sites. Here they can be read by others causing but the reader or viewers to click on the link then will go to your website by back-link. Article can be picked up by the media or used as content by other websites. Here the link you create with your Article gets posted on the website using your content which gets you another link back to your site and introduction to a new group of people.

Guy’s be careful that there are so many Article Submission sites are available for free Article Submission. But please care that if your post the same article on too many Article sites then you run the risk of being penalized by the search engines for duplicate contents submission or writing. There are many tools available to help you with your Article Submission. So you are not posting the matching content on a huge number of Article sites.

Thanks of lot guy’s, readers & viewers for waste your time here. team

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