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What is Web Analytics and Why you should be using Web Analytics ?

Dear viewer, we are describing here that what is Web Analytics and why you should be Using Web Analytics? Yes dear, we think you have done blog sites, websites, sales page, landing page, corporate website, etc. Now you are waiting for lot of viewers, people or visitors. You have done everything like; good looking webpage, nice content, set related products images & others worked hard till now. You are researched lot of keywords but you want to define what viewers, people or visitors are searching for and created a stream of fresh and new posts or contents you trust they want. Even you add social media sharing buttons and many useful widgets across the website, which at a glance express you what pages, posts and contents people like and are sharing? Yes, have a good Web Analytics tools!

Website Analysis by Web Analytics:

Beloved viewers, do you really know anything about whose are reading or viewing your website, from where, how regularly and what post & content they are really interested? And website statistics, which included simple facts such as number of site visits, unique visitors, most accessed pages and duration spent on a page. May be you know or don’t. And do you have sufficient evidence to make the essential changes to your website in order to increase readability, usability or even search engine rankings? May be your answered is NO. So, if you answered NO to any of these formerly clear that you have needed to particular assistance or help. Guys, you know that Web Analytic software is in available of the internet.

We know that you & others heard about of Web Analytics, but do you really understand what it means or what it does or what it function? Yes, we are answering these mutual questions and major what Web Analytics is do.

What is a Web Analytics tool?

Web Analytics tool is frequently confused with website statistics and traffic monitoring system but there is some variance. We want to start by given that you with the simplest description. Normally place Web Analytics is the gathering, measurement, analysis and reporting of your website data for the determinations of understanding the web usage. The knowledge being that once you know the detailed usage of your website, you can then take necessary action and improve various features to achieve better & better results. So Web Analytics is not only analyzing page hits and also website usage statistics alone, although the data is used in the analysis.

Even not only can we get reports on the website statistics but also an additional valuable analysis such as visitors, demographics, spends time on specific post or pages. Where actually clicking, scroll up and down the pages, where move mouse cursor & others. If any bodies shared or liked by social media of your content plug-ins on your site their personal details can be collected and store into the Web Analytics too.

Dear readers or viewers if you are not able to do Web Analytics we waiting for giving support & service of your valuable blog site & website.

Thanks readers or viewers for wasted time here.

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